Are You Shpongled?

Last night I did some INTENSE lower back yoga, and Shpongle (psychedelic downtempo )was going CRAZY in the background. I’ve been stretching on the regular for the past week or two, and it feels GOOD! Those who have major back pains understand exactly where I’m coming from. Newayz earlier this month we celebrated Chuck’s 22nd birFday with tickets to go see Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Chuck thought I was taking him to go see the horror film THIS IS IT. “Don’t take me to that movie bro”..lmao……It just happened the band did a mixed tribute with Michael Jackson songs, and each band member dressed like Michael from a different ERA, so we got to celebrate Mike’s music newayz. We also attended two other awesome concerts¬† (THE MARS VOLTA & ERYKAH BADU!!!!) *SPEECHLESS* Anybody who wants details…CALL ME…..As of currently I have been just living the quiet life. I want to go to ATL on the 20th to see Van Hunt at a small joint called Andrew’s Upstairs, but the cash is TOO LOW for road trips. I guess I’ll call it a night.¬† Assalam lakum.

p.s. I never believed Texas was the right SPOT for me.


Rainy Dayz

Currently watching the Cowboys vs. Broncos game. Pretty wack.

Its been raining most of the weekend, and I’ve been sleeping all day. I went to sleep around 3 a.m. this morning on my boi Mike’s lazy leather chair.(Mainly because I was 2 high to drive home). I woke up to a chubby chihuahua licking my face, and Charles and Bash(8 yr old kid) playing CRASH BANDICOOT. They seemed to be really into it. After I got myself together I headed home around 11 a.m., and called Adrienne to wish her a happy birFday. She almost forgot to meet a friend from Philly(a former fling of mine haha) at Chinatown….I believe Chinatown is also a film directed by Roman Polanski in 1974….I guess around the same time he was bangin 13 year olds….Just weird……Well after I took a shower…I just laid in the bed from 12 to around 4:30 :o…..I think my black ass needs to do some homework. Peace

p.s. i miss my friends…….

Another Day…Another Episode….

Just trying to get the hang of this…….lol…..