Rainy Dayz

Currently watching the Cowboys vs. Broncos game. Pretty wack.

Its been raining most of the weekend, and I’ve been sleeping all day. I went to sleep around 3 a.m. this morning on my boi Mike’s lazy leather chair.(Mainly because I was 2 high to drive home). I woke up to a chubby chihuahua licking my face, and Charles and Bash(8 yr old kid) playing CRASH BANDICOOT. They seemed to be really into it. After I got myself together I headed home around 11 a.m., and called Adrienne to wish her a happy birFday. She almost forgot to meet a friend from Philly(a former fling of mine haha) at Chinatown….I believe Chinatown is also a film directed by Roman Polanski in 1974….I guess around the same time he was bangin 13 year olds….Just weird……Well after I took a shower…I just laid in the bed from 12 to around 4:30 :o…..I think my black ass needs to do some homework. Peace

p.s. i miss my friends…….


Another Day…Another Episode….

Just trying to get the hang of this…….lol…..